:: Reverse Osmosis and Desalination

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Antiscalents

PRO-TEK RO-Plus 11 Concentrated Phosphonate for large applications
PRO-TEK RO-Plus 13 Phosphonate for all applications
PRO-TEK RO-Plus 15 Product for high Silica waters

Chlorine Scavenger

PRO-TEK SBS 40 Sulphite for Chlorine removal


PRO-TEK RO-Floc 10 Polyamine flocculant

Reverse Osmosis (RO) -Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse 4 Surfactant for oils/greases removal
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse 6 Chelant
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse 10 Non-Oxidising Biocide
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse 14 Mineral deposits & Fe removal
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse 16 pH adjuster/Iron/Calcium removal
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse 18 Organic material/biofilm/silt removal
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse OXA Blend of Peroxygen compounds
PRO-TEK RO-Cleanse ULT Blend Chelants, Surfactants & Pyrophosphates for Organic material/biofilm/silt removal

Thermal Desalination

PRO-TEK Vapguard 200 Maleic/Polymer/Phosphate blend
PRO-TEK Scalecontrol 50 Maleic/Polymer