:: PRO-TEK Cooling Water Chemical Products.

The PRO-TEK range of open evaporative and closed system cooling water chemical treatment products have been developed to provide a complete cost effective range of products designed to improve reliability, performance, efficiency and longevity of the cooling systems

Our PRO-TEK cooling water products combine to effectively eliminate  problems associated with daily operation of cooling systems such as:

Product are available in 25 Kg, 200 Kg and 1000 Kg containers delivered to site.

Our core product range is listed below.

Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors PRO-TEK CE 530 Range

PRO-TEK CE 530 All Organic liquid  blend
PRO-TEK CE 532  Molybdate/Polymer TTA liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 534 Zinc/Phosphonate/TTA liquid Blend
PRO-TEK CE 536 Zinc/Phosphate liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 538 Silicate/Phosphonate liquid blend

Non-Oxidising Biocides – PRO-TEK CE 500 & 510 Range

PRO-TEK CE 500 Gluteraldehydes liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 502 Izothiazalones liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 504 Quaternary Amines liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 506 Bronopol liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 508 THKPS liquid blend
PRO-TEK CE 510 Polyquat liquid blend

Oxidising Biocides – PRO-TEK CE 520 Range

PRO-TEK CE 520 Solid Chloro-Bromo compound
PRO-TEK CE 522 Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide liquid
PRO-TEK CE 524 Stabilized Chlorine  liquid
PRO-TEK CE 526 Chlorine Powder
PRO-TEK CE 528 Stabilized Bromine liquid

Chilled Water Products PRO-TEK CC 300 Range

PRO-TEK CC 300 Nitrite borate, TTA & Polymer
PRO-TEK CC302  Nitrite borate, TTA, Polymer & Biocide