:: Boiler Water Chemicals.

The PRO-TEK range of steam and hot water boiler chemical treatment products have been developed to provide a complete cost effective range of products designed to improve reliability, performance, efficiency and longevity of the boiler systems within which they are applied.

Our PRO-TEK boiler range of products take care of problem areas within the boiler systems such as:

Product are available in 25 Kg, 200 Kg and 1000 Kg containers delivered to site.

Our core product range is listed below.

Oxygen  Scavengers

The PRO-TEK SB 100 & 120 Range of Oxygen Scavengers

PRO-TEK SB 100 FDA approved sulphite liquid
PRO-TEK SB 102 Catalysed sulphite liquid
PRO-TEK SB 104 Multifunctional Sulphite/Caustic/Phosphate blend
PRO-TEK SB 120 Liquid Tannin blend
PRO-TEK SB 122 Multifunctional Tannin/Caustic/Phosphate blend

NB Other Oxygen scavengers available on request

Alkalinity Builders

The PRO-TEK SB 140 Range of Alkalinity Builders

PRO-TEK SB140 Liqiud alkalinity builder
PRO-TEK SB142 Liquid alkalinity builder & antifoam blend
PRO-TEK SB144 Solid Caustic pearl & pyrophosphate

Antiscalent Treatments

The PRO-TEK SB 150 Range of Antiscalent treatments

PRO-TEK SB 150 Hexametaphosphate & Polymer blend
PRO-TEK SB 152 Hexametaphosphate
PRO-TEK SB 156 Polymers & Chelants

Condensate Treatments

The PRO-TEK SB 160 Range of Condensate Treatments

PRO-TEK SB160 Near End Protection formulation
PRO-TEK SB162 Far End Protection formulation
PRO-TEK SB164 Near & Far End Protection blend
PRO-TEK SB168 Filming amine product
PRO-COR 225 Complete boiler and condensate treatment

Fuel Treatments 

The PRO-TEK SB 170 Range of Fuel Treatments

PRO-TEK SB170 Heavy Fuel oil Treatment
PRO-TEK SB172 Diesel Fuel Treatment

Cleaning & Descaling Products

The PRO-TEK SB 190 Range of Cleaning and Descaling products

PRO-TEK SB190 Ammonium bi-fluoride  Powder
PRO-TEK SB192 Crystalline Sulphamic acid
PRO-TEK SB194 Inhibited Sequesterant/chelant
PRO-TEK SB198 Inhibited Mineral Acid

Hot Water Boiler

The PRO-TEK SB 200 Range for Hot Water Boilers

PRO-TEK SB200 Blend of Tannins & Alkalinity builders
PRO-TEK SB202 Blend of Tannins, Alkalinity builders, Polymers & Azols
PRO-TEK SB204 Catalysed sulphite blend